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Greeting Card Samples
Gallant offers a full selection of cards to cover a wide range of sending situations with the freshest styles and most popular designs, which is just what your customers want in their greeting cards.

Extensive use of value added card finishing techniques - fine embossing, bright foils, die cuts and insert pages - also add appeal to our line of cards. Below is an example of the Gallant greeting card line.

Our Traditional Line - 10462 Our Traditional Line
The foundation of any card program, where you can expect the majority of card sales occur, starts with basic subject matter expressed in traditional design and verse. Whether it's everyday or seasonal traditional cards, the Gallant line offers contemporary designs and appropriate verse created especially for today's sophisticated consumer.
SASS - 21152SASS Greetings
Here is a premium alternative humor line that embodies edgy humor that will make you smile and laugh out loud. SASS focuses on lifestyle events, is fun and contemporary, and is trendy but not offensive. Sass Greetings also includes current events and culture.
Bella - 75120Bella Greetings
Bella is one of our best selling premium card lines. These cards feature finishes, detailing, and tip-ins. Bella designs are sophisticated with elegant designs.
Seasons of Grace - 20135Seasons of Grace
This line reflects traditional values through religious and inspirational verse. Designs range from religious symbols to trendy styles that reflect warmth for recipients of these cards.
Estrella - 33151Estrella
This Spanish language line is available in everyday and seasonal sending situations. The verse used in the line reflects dialect that is readable for the largest Hispanic populations.
Packaged GoodsPackaged Goods
Invitations, Announcements, and Thank You Notes are popular additions to a greeting card department. Also included in this line are all occasion notes, which are blank inside for a personal message.
UBER - 75865UBER Greetings
These cards are aimed at the twenty-to-thirty somethings who are looking for a different way to express themselves. Uber features trendy designs, simply expressed sentiments, and is a major opportunity to interpret design and color trends.
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